Our commitment to deliver quality products has made us adhere to the standards from the very initial stage that is raw material selection, followed by various measures adopted during the process of production we are able to deliver the final product that exceed our customers expectations.


Quality Assurance Lab

We have set very high quality parameters and we monitor that the outgoing yarn stringently matches with the set standards. Our in-house quality assurance lab is equipped with state-of - the art equipments fiber UT 5 evenness tester and classimatt Quantum 3 supplied by USTER, SWITZERLAND apart from other standard testing equipments.


Yarn Testing

Uster Testing UT 5 A multipurpose laboratory system for analysis of sliver to spun yarn
Uster Quantum 3 Classmate testers for classic analysis of specific yarn faults
Sample conditioning Oven To ensure testing under preset conditions
CSP System To automatically record count wise yarn strength
Yarn Twist Tester To determine twist imparted to the yarn
Yarn Appearance Analyser Board To visually examine thin, thick, neps cloudiness in yarn



100% Assurance to maintain nil defective cones is ensured by every cone being inspected visually and also under UV Lamp before packing. Also entire lot is maintained with same quality parameter.

Quality Certification