All our departments are equipped with state-of-the-art latest machineries. These Modern machineries help us perform the various actions in a professional way and optimize our production quality besides reducing the downtime.

We always believe that human resource is our most valuable asset and our strong human resource department recruits, inducts, trains and continuously motivates the employees to reach and maintain the highest level of excellence in all disciplines.

Machine Infrastructure

Department Particulars
Blow room LMW Blow room line with 2 Nos of vetal continuation cleaner with polysensors and bale plucker LA 23.
Cards LC 300 A -V3 chute feed
Lap formers LMW LH10 Lap former
Comber LMW LK54
Drawframe LRSB851 Digital Auto levelers drawing
Simplex LF 1400Awith Texparts drafting system
Spinning LR 6 S Ring Frames
Auto Coner Schlafhorst 338 Gold with USTER Quantum-2 clearer and accurate length measurement.
Knitting Mayer & Cie- Relanit 3.2 II with 30 dia 28 gauge.
Packing Automatic strapping machine for carton packing
Humidification Batliboi

Cotton Selection Elimination of Contamination
As the quality of the cotton determines the quality of yarn we at Rajave Textiles take care to maintain consistently rich raw material mix throughout the year. Hence we procure the best of Sankar-4 cotton from selected modernized ginning factories in Gujarat, with whom we have an excellent business relationship. To supply contamination free yarns along with bale plucker and labourers we have also installed two numbers of Vision Shield Contamination including polypropylene remover at blow room line with online monitoring control.
Blow Room Contamination Clearer
Gentle opening of tufts combined with continuous cotton storage in six compartments for the perfect sandwich blending with right aerodynamic principle provides excellent results. The most effective method we follow to remove contamination is independent zoning with line scan camera that focus the contamination directly and eject them out. Online hour / Day / Month wise graphic reports are recorded for monitoring.
Carding Combers
We give total conformance to nominal count with microcomputer control for quality and production by doing intensive cleaning with excellent fiber orientation system, especially for the removal of Seedcoat Fragments, Trash, Neps and Micro Dust. To ensure highest quality and economy of the end product, good combing process is of paramount importance. Latest LK 54 combers ensure this through excellence in staple improvement, cleaning, aligning and uniformity ensuring constant sliver quality.
Draw Frame Speed Frame
High quality standards. Most consistent long term count stability through precise scanning. Efficient Roving preparation with minimum stretch for consistent high quality yarn.
Ring Frame Auto Coner
LMW Model LR 6 with innovation in spinning elements and is dedicated to “spinning value” for the customer. Represents the ultimate mix of engineering and market needs. We have installed Latest Auto cone winder 338 model from M/s. Schlafhorst, Germany equipped with latest USTER Quantum Electronic yarn clearers and Siro Clearers with foreign fiber / contamination removal channels.
Windmill ERP
In line with the global trend, Rajave takes pride by owning windmill to meet the power requirement.

We have successfully implemented ERP Software to ensure effective flow of information and efficient utilization of the available resources of the company. Through this software, the management is updated with relevant critical accurate and timely information about the day to day planning of production, resource management, sales and customer relationship management.

People & CSR

  • Employee welfare is one of the greatest priorities at Rajave Textiles Pvt Ltd.
  • raining sessions are regularly organized with outside faculty to keep the skilled workforce attuned to the HR and latest technological advancements.
  • Besides complying with the statutory labour laws, hostel accommodations with latest kitchen equipment like steam cooking, subsidized food among many other facilities are extended to the workers.
  • The mill is actively participated employees marriage function by providing them a valuable gift for their family use. The mill is taking care of each and every worker by taking them safely from house to mill and mill to house by providing with transport. The mill bears Rs.20/- per day per worker as transports costs.
  • The mill is regularly conducting meetings at various stages to know the employee grievances and take suitable steps to solve the issues immediately, which is one of the most powerful technique as far as the mill is considered.
  • Fire fighting training programme is also being conducted for its employees on a regular basis.

Quality Certification